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About Us: Key Contacts at UponOurStar Wedding Gift Registry

The team at

UponOurStar Wedding Gift Registry

is a multi-cultural, multi-functional, and multi-talented group of individuals, with a passion for creating brilliant online experiences. Read about our key players below.

Managing Director - Mariko

Our Managing Director comes from the world of “chocolate and soap” where she was a National Marketing Manager for global brands like Kinder and Dove. She's lived and worked in Japan, France and Canada, and dreams of taking an around-the-world trip one day. She now spends her days reading, thinking and dreaming about neat wedding website ideas, bridal registries, gift registries, and wedding planning for the modern bride.

Director of Web Design - Danica

Our Web Designer comes from the fast-paced world of big brand Advertising. In addition to being a Super-Mom to the world’s coolest kid, she also co-runs a popular Thai boxing gym and is a self-titled creative nerd.

Our Team of Talented Web Programmers - Wael & Atif

Our team of talented Web Programmers is dedicated to the complicated craft of coding complex web pages. In addition to their witty humour and endless patience...we are certain that their combined brain-power is equivalent to that of a super computer. Their diverse backgrounds include work experience in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Canada, but their passion for web-technology has no boundaries.

Director of Creative Design - Adam

Our Creative Designer is a self-proclaimed perpetual optimist, who also claims to have been employed twice in his life at Baskin Robbins, without gaining a single pound. He comes from the world of magazine advertising at one of North America's leading wedding and fashion publishers, and also co-owns a cheeky greeting card business

Digital Art Director - Franklyn

With years of design experience and incredible passion, Franklyn's love for "good, clean design" helped bring UponOurStar to life. Franklyn works at one of Canada's leading CRM agencies, loves to commute (we think it makes him more creative), touts a photography and DJ pastime, and loves to talk "gadgets, usability, and MAC"