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Marilyn Ash & Steve Morrison

July 17 2013

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our Wedding Wish Registry. We’re excited for our big day and we’re happy and honoured that you’ll be celebrating with us. We love you so much, and can't wait to see you all at the wedding! Having you with us when we say "I do" will be the best wedding gift of all. Cheers and see you all very soon. Love, Marilyn and Steve

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Our Dream Living Room
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 20         Received: 0

We want to build our lives and a new home together. Our wish is for a Living Room that's beautiful and welcoming, where we can come home to unwind together after a long day

Select Quantity:
Our Dream Kitchen
Each Gift: $80.00         Requesting: 20         Received: 0

We want to build our lives and a new home together. Our wish is for a kitchen that's warm and inviting, so that we can relax over meals and entertain family and friends.

Select Quantity:
Our Dream Garden
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

A lush garden in the backyard will let us work our green thumbs and create a beautiful space around our home.

Select Quantity:
A Beautiful Patio
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

We love relaxing, dining, and entertaining outdoors. Our dream is for a new patio that's both spacious and comfortable, so we can enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Select Quantity:
Colour for our Dream Home
Each Gift: $20.00         Requesting: 20         Received: 0

We're excited to brighten the walls of our home with colour, so that we can make it feel like our own.

Select Quantity:
Movers to Help Us Settle In
Each Gift: $20.00         Requesting: 15         Received: 0

To start our new life together, we'll need help getting set up in our home. Thank goodness for Movers -- we don't know what we'd do without them!

Select Quantity:
A Cozy Fireplace
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

We just love the thought of curling up together around the fireplace on cold winter nights.

Select Quantity:
A Dishwasher to make life easier
Each Gift: $80.00         Requesting: 12         Received: 0

A dishwasher will keep our new life together clean and simple. Less scrubbing means more time to enjoy our lives!

Select Quantity:
Stylish Artwork
Each Gift: $200.00         Requesting: 5         Received: 0

A sophisticated piece of art will add character and unique charm to the walls of our dream home.

Select Quantity:

Our Dream Piano
Each Gift: $200.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

To fill our home with the music of a real piano, would be an absolute dream come true.

Select Quantity:

Capturing our Wedding Memories
Each Gift: $20.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

We want to rememeber the laughter, the tears of joy, our wedding vows, and the moment we say "I do" on our big day. A wedding photographer will capture our wedding memories to keep with us forever.

Select Quantity:

Fighting Childhood Cancer
Each Gift: $40.00         Requesting: 10         Received: 0

If we may be so bold as to request a wedding registry gift that will help those who need it most.... we wish to contribute to Sick Kids to support the fight against Childhood Cancer.

Select Quantity: