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Anaysha Figueroa & Christopher Cooper

May 04 2012

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for visiting our Wedding Wish Registry. We’re excited for our big day and we’re happy to invite you to share in making some of our dreams come true. The idea of this wedding wish registry is to give you an opportunity to make a donation towards any of the wishes we've chosen below. You are not actually purchasing the gift from this site but you would be making a contribution towards the wish of your choice for us. For example you may see a wish for a video recorder. You will see Each gift: $60 Requesting: 5 underneath the wish. That means were asking for 5 donations of $60. We thought this was a cool way to include all of our well wishers in our happiness! Any contribution to our " wish list" will be more than appreciated. Your prayers and well wishes for our union mean more than anything to us. Happy Choosing! Love Nay & Chris

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Follow these simple steps to contribute to the Wish Registry.

1. Select Wishes that you would like to grant. Choose the quantity of items you want to give.
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3. Review your order and enter a message for the bride and groom.

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Hot Air Ballon Ride
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 8         Received: 1

Help us take to the sky! This has been a dream our ours for many years!

Select Quantity:

A night in the Honeymoon Suite
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 12         Received: 11

We want our Honeymoon to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our romantic Honeymoon suite will make us feel spoiled and pampered.

Select Quantity:
Romantic Breakfast in Bed
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 4         Received: 4

What a way to start the day… having a luscious breakfast served to us in bed. We can start the day together with a decadent treat and a relaxing pace.

Couples Massage
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 5         Received: 0

NOTHING like a relaxing massage!

Select Quantity:
A Luggage Set
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 3         Received: 0

To take our dream trip, we'll need a smart way to carry our belongings with us. A great luggage set will make all the difference.

Select Quantity:
Capturing Memories in Video
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 5         Received: 1

We want to capture the special moments of our once-in-a-lifetime experience on video, so that we can look back on them as we grow old together.

Select Quantity:
A Guided Tour
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 3         Received: 3

We'll take a local guided tour. It will be a perfect way to learn about the local culture, history, and the people.

Island Adventure
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 4         Received: 2

We'll catch a boat to a small island with pristine beaches. We can soak in the sun, float in the crystal water, swim with the fish, and have a day-trip adventure.

Select Quantity:
Scuba Diving
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 3         Received: 3

We want to fill our travels with cool experiences and mini adventures. That's why we're excited to go scuba diving together. We'll get to see some incredible scenery.

A Cooking Class
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 3         Received: 0

We'd love to try a cooking class together to learn how to prepare (and enjoy!) local food.

Select Quantity:
A Winery Experience
Each Gift: $100.00         Requesting: 4         Received: 0

Beautiful wine and beautiful scenery. We can't think of a more decadent way to spend our time. This is a long time wish!

Select Quantity:
Getting to our Dream Destination
Each Gift: $60.00         Requesting: 15         Received: 14

We're so excited for our honeymoon! After our tedious year of planning we'll get to relax, play, indulge, and see the sights together. To the airport we go!

Select Quantity:

Guest Messages
To my little brotha & sista, LOL. May the spirit of longevity over-take ur marriage just as it has ur parents & grandparents, luv ya! From HILGRA
Congrats Anaysha & Chris - may your life be filled with the joy and happiness each and every day! God Bless You Greatly!!! From Nina
We can not express enough the joy we have for the both of you. Don't ever allow anyone to come between you. We love you. From Marion
Hey Nay & Chris!! You guys make the most awesome couple. I wish you both the very best God has for you. I LOVE YOU. From Tisha
We wish you God’s blessings on your wedding day and throughout your lives together. It's a blessing to be in love. The Chases From Lawson & Diane Chase
Congratulations Anaysha & Chris! We're so excited for yall and are praying for God's blessing on you both! Yolanda & Rodney Solomon
Congratulations you guys. May God's best be yours always!!! Natalya, Stanton & Bree
Have a great time on the Island, and bring home some babies!!!Love ya much!! From Takia
Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. I love you both and you are in my prayers. May you receive the best God has to offer. Stephanie Daniels
Congratulations! I hope you enjoy this gift. From paulette
May you be bind with cords that cannot be broken as you start your new journey From Eudine
May God Bless and Keep You in is Care! From Warrenetta
Congrats!! May god bless you with long life and a happy marriage. Just remember communication is the key. Enjoy! From Lattia
To MarNay & Christopher I love you both. May the Lord continue to be the third strand in your braid. I pray you the best. Muah From Melissa
May God continue to Bless and Keep You. From Katherine
Congradulations cousin wish you a life time of happiness, love, patients and friendship. God Bless! From Kai
From jules
Hey you guys! Please enjoy your wonderful start together. Matt and I love you both. Be Fruitful!!!! Xoxoxo From Sherrell
To Mr & Mrs. Chris -- I pray a life filled with love, joy, peace, and prosperity! p.s. I make an AMAZING God-father! lolol. Love you both. From Darius
Congratulation Nay & Chris May the Lord bless your Union. Enjoy your gift We love you Fabienne and Chelsea From Fabienne Pean
Love you guys! Enjoy!! Victoria
I couldn't witness your wedding, but I know and am praying that God will truly Bless. From Earl, Sheree and lil E-tre. Love ya From Earl